Thursday, October 22, 2009

Child Welfare Policy = Grooming

Child Welfare Policy = Grooming

By Matt Meurer

I caught a main part of Parliament Question time on 21st of October, on the ABC TV, where it was discussed by the Labor government, to bringing out new programs for schools on children support services. The Rudd Catholic government has decided to groom children by associating themselves personally with the student’s. Kevin Rudd was at the office on the computer, linked to twitter, whilst the female Senator went to the school and had the student’s convinced that they need to deal with depression, self harm and every other means to remove the parent’s role and the individual student’s confidence, so they can have an excuse to build that lost confidence back up again. To make children think on the religious based beliefs, that they are in a complicated environment of moral dilemma, that is being reduced and eroded by depressive feelings from influential sources of non religious groups, left me in a state of total disgust, to see these women who sit directly behind the speaker at the microphone, laughing and smirking whilst they constantly nod their heads with absolute mental illness, in an approving manner of the education minister’s remarks.

Just like the child sex abuser, this government has again undertaken the role of grooming the child for their influential manipulation but the difference is that this manipulation is not for sex, it is for mind control and domination. The Catholic way that has seen the institution become the biggest child molestation services in the western world, still continues to rear its ugly head through the public educational institutions and thanks to the clever government that thinks it should define the rule of psychiatric control over legal legislation. Selling the whole program as a form of making the community a better state of welfare, the government continues to molest the easiest targets and those targets being ‘children’.

Having women molest their own children in matters of family law and remove the male role model and father to distorting the child’s outlook in and on society is the female interpretation of a future for the female and the religious institution’s overpopulated planet, not for the beneficial welfare of children, or the greater good for all the population. This is absolute greed on behalf of women and the religious mental illness within the government’s righteous selfishness to exploit whatever part of society it can get away with. The public are becoming more aware of the environmental damage caused by a greedy self centered way and just sits gullibly by and allows these lovely, wonderfully sweat, nasty Christian assholes, which are considered a popular entity that everyone should vote for, or agree with because they are pretty and/or popular. This eccentric behavior in itself has relevant explanation for the behavior towards children in society today and is a major factor for the social unrest that is caused by the mental health, drug pushing business behind it all, as they pursue the money making industry for health.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Media & Police Create Public Fraud

Media & Police Create Public Fraud

By Matt Meurer 27-Aug-09

On the ABC TV’s news at 7:15pm, was a story about a man who committed suicide and included the children when he did it. Apparently he did it in the garage with the cars exhaust as far as I could understand. But that wasn’t the part that caught my attention so much, even though it was a tragic event I was appalled by the back tracking of the widowing wife. She appeared in court pregnant to her new partner and according to ABC news, had embarked on a crusade to stop domestic violence since the deaths. Did I think this was normal, even though the circumstances included her children? No, definitely not. It led me to be suspicious about the level of her guilty conscience.

Considering the way in which the media were playing the story up to suit the widow and the circumstances of which surrounded the cause of suicidal events which saw the man take his own life, along with the children, had me soon realizing that the media were again looking to play up women as the sole owner of children and as a specific very nasty way of denying suicide. When the announcer made the statement that “he (the man) had made a video to his wife, saying that he could not live without his children & his children could not live without him”; straight away I realized the depth to the argument and exactly what was going on. He was having his rights as a parent removed by the Police and his wife at the time and this is what drove him to the natural action of suicide. The ABC reporter was giving the story with psychological suggestion, which was to make the public think that the fault of this entire subject was on the man’s shoulders. The ABC announcer stating that “after the traumatic events of their deaths” the woman had called for “the government to take stronger action on domestic violence”; however, there was no mention about the woman’s role in the antagonized affair that led to the circumstances surrounding the issue, just the residue of guilt. There was no mention about the roll the government played in the circumstances that led to the issue and there definitely wasn’t any mention of the Police’s role that led to the death of her husband or her children but the police did front the camera’s to expel any onus of their involvement by saying, “it was his fault because he had hit her the night before & didn’t want to go to Gaol”.
That has to be the lamest excuse since the father that shot himself and his children, thanks to Bob Carr and the NSW Police antagonized situation of 2002, during the Pauline Hanson court case. They are so busy trying to play social unrest within the marital-divorce situation; they have to come up with all sorts of lame excuses to justify their actions and support the feminist child molester get her way. Any woman, who uses children to instigate a separation of the father from the child because of a fight between the adults, is a child abusing molester whether you like it or not. Any religious nomination that has to support women to abuse their children for the sake of their beliefs has RMI; (religious mental illness) and at the same time is a child abusing molester.

What low life scum the government is to support the actions of a child abusing molester and again become the child abusing and molesting faculty of the whole charade.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Muslim Woman In Distress

Muslim Woman In Distress

By matt Meurer 17-Aug-09
Campaigns for women’s rights are the big trend among the lost and the ‘do gooder’s’ of society in this country. I read a request by someone recently asking me to go to a web site and send a letter and vote to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, “to take action against the Afghan government for women who have lost their rights”. It’s obvious the person sending the email does not understand the basic means behind the abuse in the first place otherwise they would think differently of what they asked of me. The Taliban and the men in general, are getting sympathy and support for their misdeeds by having the western influence of pity being thrust upon their culture and advertise their religion for them at the same time. The writer does not realize that they are creating a point of manipulation on the emotions of our country for the sake of their women to be a ‘Muslim in distress’.

The use of religion to manipulate other countries and to play up campaigns of propaganda in order to support their causes, as we all know, is real and the Muslim’s are no different or less sleazy to ours or should I say the western cultures. The night before I wrote my last blog, ‘Religious Sanctity is a Blissful Thing’, I did a tweet saying Fr Fuller done for child sex, “Gaol not good enough for Catholic priest” and within five minutes I had Catholic TV wanting to follow me on Twitter. Of course I blocked the stalkers even though I know they are aware of everything I write about or say because they can’t bear the thought of this Atheist saying something that they have no political control over, just as they are making it a fact that myself and other Australians have NO control over their Pedophile cult and it’s following of feminist child molesters, who jump up to defend the Catholic Church on every occasion possible. One only has to read the comments posted in regards to my ‘How Loud Can You Scream Rape’ blog, if they haven’t been removed by the web site’s it is posted, to see the sort of attacks of reference to me personally. The female molester also likes to send emails wishing me peace happiness, wishes from God and refers to what I’m thinking and how I feel with the most implying psychological suggestion and along with a sleazy invitation of a sexual relationship as the coherent attraction. We know what the garbage is like in this country but are too scared to do something about anything the Police and the government are involved in but our human instinct’s like to tell us, that we must be compelled to help those from a distance in order to makes ourselves feel good about it.
In many ways it’s like having a pet and knowing that you love it so much you smother it and it isn’t until the vet tells you that you have killed it with kindness that the realization of what has happened sets in. It is much the same with the women of Afghanistan, until they stop committing themselves to religious and torturous customs, dressing for the occasion, start making a stance of their own as independent people, I won’t be supporting the damsel in distress, even though I consider the men of that region and culture just as pathetic as the female.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Religious Sanctity is a Blissful Thing

Religious Sanctity is a Blissful Thing
By Matt Meurer 15-Aug-09

Father Robert Macgregor Fuller, aged 54 years, a priest from the Catholic Church faced court yesterday (Friday) on charges of procuring and grooming a child under the age of sixteen years. Fr Robert Fuller allegedly exposed himself to a Police officer who was posing as a thirteen year old girl by web cam and arranged to meet the girl at Parramatta pool for sex. Father Terry Bell, who is the acting Bishop for western Sydney diocese, described Fr Fuller as a hard worker and “having a good reputation in the community”, posted bail of $25k and offered a place of accommodation in a residence owned by the church at Terrigal. Magistrate Peter Miszalski agreed to the terms under the condition he surrender his passport and report to police three times a week and return to reappear in court on the 8th of October.
Many times I have seen these headlines but having different characters within them. So many times I have encountered the same verdicts of sending the perpetrators to a place of private protection instead of Gaol. The same old headlines and the same old protectionism for the religious perpetrator which one would think, this should suffice the outcome of the Magistrates decision and render the perpetrators next actions incompetent. But this is the same old method of sentence and we are seeing the perpetrator sent home to be watched by his mate or a family member, why is this so wrong? Well I can tell you it isn’t a lack of trying to deal with garbage but is a support network that has led to many more abuses from the perpetrators freedoms. Give them to the family to watch over and they abuse their children or their grand children, even great grand children. Give them to a mate to watch over and they are supported in many cases by the same breed of garbage that set them up on child sex charges in the first place. From my experience, one of the best places for pedophile protection is the Catholic Church and another is within the family, where the variety to feed the sexual frenzy are plentiful. The overwhelming interest in your children gives them an overwhelming appetite for some of that child sex.
You might ask how I would know all this and many might even know why but just to be sure I will refresh your memory with clarity. Some of the public might remember names like Frank Arkell and Tony Bevan who were Wollongong’s Lord Mayor and a partner’s in crime, real estate developer. Both were pedophiles and working within a cult which extended deep into the state and Federal police forces, through what I was to believe, ‘the send the pedophile home to their friends and families to watch program’. The Catholic Church was one of the biggest supporters of this method, as it reduced the exposure of the churches criminal association. It made sure that the priests and outside perpetrators were protected by the parishioners and by the churches very own support networks, such as other priest pedophiles and Judges within the courts who have the power to maintain the sort of lifestyle that would be imposed as punishment. The government made use of their crimes through the Catholic Mafia’s means to manipulate men of divorce in family law and in combination of other criminals who were given a tool of bargaining for reducing the sentence or of threat to apply a sentence for a crime, even if they did not commit one because the deception stretches a lot further than just the action of sex.
You have to put yourself in the religious mind frame to understand some of the thinking behind this exotic form of power and abuse, where Gay couples are considered criminals and children are mere sex offences, even if it meant men on little boys. Only religion matter and the means to empower those religious values is to have the power of authority and the means of which to manipulate, befriend and abuse with the most underhanded political protection. I might be a political prisoner under the accusations of a terrorist, Atheist or whatever other excuse or campaign of discredit this government wants to accuse me of but one thing’s for sure, I will never bow to cowardly garbage that uses those accusations to run away and hide.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Loud Can You Scream Rape

How Loud Can You Scream Rape
By Matt Meurer 14-Aug-09
As the latest facts come out about Greg Inglis and his girlfriend Sally Robinson, the NRL and David Gallop have been proven to have egg on their face over the quick decision to ban the man from the game for accusations of deliberate assault.
It now seems that the couple had some personal problems and Greg Inglis is not the man that Gallop had accused him of being and the Police were short on facts as usual. That didn’t stop the accusations flowing fast and furious from the NRL and their devised women in danger of violence promotion for the game and their religious orientated sponsors, who had devised the pressure on the NRL by withdrawing their advertisements and their financial sponsored support.
The media were just as bad with their flighty and overzealous attack on the man, as they also attempted to make him into a nasty male cretin of the male stigmatized type. Showing their solidarity for the feminist child molester and the religious frame of mental illness was channel ten news, who earlier in the week, had a story about a woman who had her two and a half year old baby taken from her arms as she sat outside her residence and four people drove up in a car, two got out, snatching the child and hitting her at the same time. As it turned out, they were withholding the real contents of the story in order to play up a greater level of severity and you guessed it, play the man into a woman bashing cretin. In fact the circumstances are that the child’s father had taken the baby from her, not some unknown kidnapper. The father returned the child to the police station after the police requested he do so.
To sum it all up, one would have to say, how loud can these nasty black hearted, child molesting selfish co-dependent female cowards scream, in order to get someone into trouble and especially when it’s a man. Well looking at the written media evidence and the cowardly police actions, not very hard or very loud at all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Labors Ongoing New Laws

Labors Ongoing New Laws
By Matt Meurer 13-Aug-09

David Gallop had very little to say in regards to the players suspension from the game over assault charges on the news last night. The media have taken their stance with more selective hearing on the matter and the silence of the David Gallop and the NRL’s involvement of distorting criminal matters. Gallop has very quickly become a yes sir no sir man and is now allowing the media, Police and government to deploy new laws and measures to silence the instigation and those which were used in the Pauline Hanson court case, to support Police, religious and government corruption and the isolation from society that is being maintained against me, ‘The Atheist’ and the Gay community’s are being refrained from a family level of participation; again the silence is deafening. David Gallop and the NRL’s remarks on this matter of the treatment to players and its mind games with the legal system have opened the door on matters from the past and the lead up of the commentary now taking a front row seat.
The media with channel nine and its investigative reporters that were deployed at the time of the Pauline Hanson episode, went into a frenzy of protection against the threat to family law the government had made a jeopardy of, by giving public exploitation rights to the media and which was done for the protection of the state and federal Police and State and federal governments actions of corruption when they attacked the publicized content of the court case and turned it into a political fiasco. Kevin Rudd cannot deny the personal letter of apology that he sent to me in late 2004 and of which accompanied a smearing written statement about John Howard and I quote the statement used to describe Howard, was an “arsehole”. Constant questioning was employed by various members of the public whilst the media and the government were keeping me under constant video and audio surveillance, maintaining the denial of an appropriate legal channel and promoting religion in the terms and context the government required, to order the play a political exploitation that would undermine anything that could be used in a court and as argument of the treatment which was and still is being dealt to me in the state of societal isolation.
David Gallop, the NRL and their sponsors are now taking a relatively back seat to their statements and actions which have been a means to hoodwink society but then again, now that I have written this, I will have to see what they will do and say next. Like all politics, the underhanded nastiness is defiantly mean denial is blatant accusation to say the least and one only has to refer to the visiting of the Pope to George Bush, when the Pope told Bush to order the death penalty for child abusers, in order to take the focus from the Catholic Church and the western governments religious pedophile cults that are being supported and hidden from the world stage, to know what I am saying and exactly what I mean. The gay communities are not going to be a part of this society according to the religious mental illness with their imaginary man inside their heads and their manipulation of legal policies and laws, which are distorting and destroying the very fabric of society instead of supporting this century’s life after primitive thinking are evident, just as I am refused to make comments on various web pages and media reports and anything that is anti-religious based comment, is mostly removed from existence.
Worse than a murderer or a drug pusher, is the religion pusher. The Pope tells politicians to kill people on grounds to remove the focus from their own criminal conduct and religion itself is nothing more than a concoction of lies and deceit based on the focus of taking money under false pretenses.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NRL Decide Players Legal Fate

NRL Decide Players Legal Fate
By Matt Meurer
The law is for reform and is not for substitution by various groups with political business promotion, neither is it for business or individuals to take into their own hands and manipulate for the purpose of harassment to other members of society and define another’s social position. That is up to the individual members of society which by the terms of democracy, have the right to vote and in turn have the right to form their own judgment on issues they deem of importance to them. David Gallop and the National Rugby League have again decided to take matters into their own hands by deciding the player’s legal fate, when two of NRL’s players are in the headlines for domestic violence against their partners.
You would think that society is not so blind to contemplate the possibility of more than one type of relationship. Have we all forgotten the same sex relationship scenario that is constantly in the headlines but is completely unspoken of in the media, when it is an issue of domestic violence? No, I think not and I don’t have control over the media, the religious government and their mates of the media networks who wish to maintain the religious domination of heterosexuality do. They are going to use the media for everything its worth and play every public member for the fool in the process. Gay’s are not welcome but nasty child molesters who want to come to this country and have the protection of child possession and get a divorce are.
The NRL and David Gallop are using the media to promote the game as a family event and that means that Gay’s are not family even though their money is always welcome. David Gallop has again taken the law into the NRL’s hands this morning, stating that “players who wind up in the headlines for the wrong reason will not have a place in the game”. Regardless of the choices the sponsors wish to take, the game is played and hero’s are chosen by their athletic ability and the public at any age will decide if the player is a hero or not. I for one do not need to be told that a player is suspended and less of a player because they have broken the law, I can judge that for myself. The law can judge the person that broke the law and apply the appropriate judicial process and not David Gallop or the NRL and not the feminist child molesters, politicians and their mentally ill religious mates.
I can assure anyone, the NRL need to be put in front of a grand jury and charged with perverting the course of justice. Unlawful investigation’s into Police matters and obstructing witnesses in matters of criminal law.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Koran And Bible Burning Day

Koran And Bible Burning Day
By Matt Meurer -5 August 09

Due to the ongoing disrespect from religious organizations and groups, I am organizing a Koran and Bible burning day for late December.
The constant determination of the religious sects to conduct themselves with total disrespect to the worlds public, with ongoing discrimination against same sex couples, Atheists, divorced persons, Aboriginals and race in general etc; ongoing wars and terror threats, child molestation removal of human rights, degradation of the law and the legal system, due to a belief system, has prompted me to take affirmative action against the mentality that is undermining the worlds peaceful progress.
These religious people are not the intelligent people and do not deserve the right to be a power of authority, even though they ‘believe’ they are and do. The time has come to look at the world’s direction and make a stand for what is reality and what is a realistic meaning for humanity, and animal life.
If you are a person of truth, understanding and have a genuine concern for the direction of yourselves and your future generations, or you would like to participate, or have some ideas, please leave a comment in the comments section of this blog.
Kind regards, Matt.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rudd Mafia OZ Car Get Nastier

Rudd Mafia OZ Car Get Nastier
By Matt Meurer -4 August-2009

The OZ car affair has just hit new highs on the news this morning, with Labor looking for every avenue of escape. The fact that Godwin Grech is in a psych ward, makes this whole ordeal smell of Labor corruption. They would have attacked his finances, made him out to be everything he’s not and stalked him to the religious eternity of the Rudd Mafia mentality, in order to put him in the position he’s in. I know that fear of going to the local shopping center and even the shop keeper looks fearfully into the crowd in and outside the store, for those mate ship threatening stalkers, when something is said in relation to current political events. The Labor mate ship and their Catholic stalkers are all over this one for sure.
Grech is the one they are desperate to destroy and not so much Malcolm Turnbul, as the Rudd Mafia knows he is the key witness to the whole OZ Car scandal and the email along with the vehicle that Rudd can’t afford but needs to promote his political agenda, are his uttermost exposure. Kevin Rudd hiding behind those quirky sayings and being such a nice little man that doesn’t have a nasty streak in him, until the airline stewardess gets the chicken sandwich wrong and exposes the underside of Rudd’s nasty mean streak that’s become evident to the legal, mental and physical treatment of Godwin Grech.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Class Division Is A Religious Political Myth

Class Division Is A Religious Political Myth
By Matt Meurer 1-Aug-09
The division of the classes is so important that the western leaders decided to make a stimulus package that not only protected the corporate criminal; it used the public’s money to do it. What better way to finance the very people who had reduced the population to financial despair, than to maintain the status quo of refinancing corporations with the money that could have financed the public with some reimbursement of their losses. Obama’s recent remarks of Gates and the desperately nice meeting they had, over some beers, is a clear indicator of how important it is to the religious governments, as it maintains the ‘needed’ use of the religious charity.
Barrack Obama, Kevin Rudd and Gordon Brown were all a part of the same stimulus package that could have been put through the public by being implemented into a government based loan, which paid failing loans out to the banks. The early days of immigration policy, allowed migrants to take out low interest loans that were through the old Rural Bank. This was paid off over a long period at the same price as rent and the interest was fixed. So, the banks having their money would have freed up lending and the public would be in a position to refrain from being made homeless. The economy would have had a flow on effect and maintaining the fiscal policy with better growth than we are seeing now. The corporate giants wouldn’t be caretakers of the public money and having the luxury of big bonuses and neither would the public be in the same boat of having the debts held against their heads like a loaded gun.
The governments are dragging their feet over the things that have been brought to light in the past ten years and their determined to make class the center of attention now that they are refrained from stealing Aboriginal kid’s and blatant black slavery. They need an edge for their religious beliefs, which is why we are seeing the religious Jesuit barking in the front line of Human Rights. An example of the mentality which I recently encountered, was a remark by Mary Kostakidas, the SBS TV presenter, to which I know how to say her name but won’t apologize if it is spelt incorrectly, stated to me at the Premier room of the Wollongong Entertainment Center, after I said I am an Atheist and which was a part of the response to a conversation of Human Rights was; “so am I what a coincidence, we’ve got Father (I can’t remember his name) a Jesuit priest from the Humanist Society with us today, just over there near our table”. Mary was the speaker and one of the organizers of the Human Rights meeting, which was arranged for the purpose of retrieving information on behalf of Kevin Rudd. Now you might ask how that isn’t so strange but remember, this is politics and Human Rights are being groomed for the means of government policy. That’s why there are so many females crying poor and the religious moron is screaming foul for their cause and pro-lifers are so exposed in the mass media. Obama & Rudd are especially being overly polite and extremely nice about asking everyone to respect another’s religion but refuse to respect someone who doesn’t have one.
The use of deafening silence comes into play when it comes to this point of the discussion. Atheists are a threat to religious order and science is a threat of the biggest kind. The Newmatilda site had a story on plagiarism a couple of days ago and I responded with a comment about adding the date and time to assignments but not having a lot of control over plagiarist’s when it came to the Catholic Church, adding the facts that they have been plagiarizing young scientists for years, by giving a similar paper and posting it on a wide media scale with a religious and political argument and leaving the original writer of the original document, as a begrudging anti religionist, or a threat to the National Security. When the begrudged person tries to defend him or herself, they meet a wall of silence and the ignorance of the media brainwashed, who believe everything they pay the media to tell them all the lies for. Other methods which are implemented to those who are resilient of being silenced, are given emotional blackmail and much sympathy in place of compensation, for the fact that they want the person silenced and refuse to pay out money to someone they wish to destroy.
We are all being exploited for the sake of class and gender. The media has taken it to new levels and it is being promoted by the female in most cases. Last week, a Sydney radio station put a 14 year old girl on a lie detector and the stalking mother, of all people, asked her about her sex life and the poor girl was the programs piece of new reality media when she was compelled to answer about being raped two years earlier, exciting every pervert with this young girls sex life. Nobody wants to be asked about their sex life and especially not a 14 year old child. Her human rights were expelled at that point and the media again had their little manipulation tool of exploitation working for them, as well as the government it so avidly supports with it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Suicide Is Not A Contractable Disease

Suicide is Not a Contractible Disease
By Matthew Meurer

The latest stories on the news about teenagers committing suicide and the all of the blame is being attributed to the Internet, are also as sorry as the situation of their deaths. One mother on the ABC News, Mrs. Rea, told reporters that her daughter would not have committed suicide, had her daughter not had the Internet. After her daughter received a nasty text, she became emotional, told her mother about it and her mother consoled her. About an hour later, the father came home and the parents found the daughter dead.
Every time there’s a tragedy that includes suicide, undeniably, the religious support networks will show up, telling loved ones their concerns and how they are feeling about the issue. Making sure that their psychological suggestion is the relevant answer to what is often a number of issues that have been compounded and formed the action that has been taken, to commit the act of suicide. Life of the teenager has progressed to a life of a teenage adult, since the religious mentality has dropped to level of desperate substandard and deceitful storytelling lies, to justify their belief over the facts of scientific evidence and in fact, downright pathetic attempts to be the center of attention. They are willing to stand over someone with the utmost ferocity and the determination of a complete smothering stalker, which restricts the person’s ability to have thoughts that the religious mentality considers to be impure. Refusing to allow the troubled mind to regain composure and forcing psychological suggestion of their fears, mixed with a few Jesuit truths and the belief that they are preventing suicide from happening, but in fact, that smothering is doing more harm than good. You can NOT force someone to believe what you believe and especially when it is not an issue that has not happened to you but in fact has happened to the person of concern. The truth will eventually come out and resentment will be the remaining bad taste, which can lead to the act of suicide being a secretive thing, or more than often, taken out on someone else.
It is quite the norm for a mother to deny anything is her fault in matters such as these but to blame the Internet instead of a more outgoing life, or the influence of distraction to other varieties in life, would have been more helpful. The daughter is just another youth who is living the life of what has now become one of quite an exploitation, to say the least and ‘cyber bullying’ is a part of that. The effects of a caged animals and one especially comes to mind, is that of a brown bear in a Romanian zoo, where being caged, antagonized and literally bored to tears, ended up with the bear chewing its own limbs off and engaging in self destruct mode and very normal behavior considering the circumstances. Humans are no different, even though the religious order tries incessantly, to deny the similarities between the different species. Humans are not resilient to being cornered, isolated and stalked and will behave with the same instincts that every species have. Corner a dog and threaten it with anger or pain, it will bite. Put that same dog in a lock up, attached to a chain for long periods of time without any emotion, other than ignorance and it will become irate and self destruct just like the bear. The most important thing that everyone should realize, is that suicide is not a disease that you catch like a common cold but is a very real fact of life that needs to be recognized with realistic consequences of each other’s actions.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paying Prisoners To The Media

Paying Prisoners To The Media
By Matthew Meurer

I couldn’t help noticing how much the public are a prisoner to the very media they pay for bringing them the news. Overtones of injustice and pretentious denials of their knowledge about the reporting that lead the public into a belief about the story reported, was totally true and without any doubt it could have misleading content.
For example, Michael Jackson was recently exposed on every channel at the same time and the very media that played him down to be the scum of the earth for accusations of child molestation, were now praising him as the King of Pop and the most wonderful person that ever lived. The hypocritical instinct kicked in as soon as the man had hit the floor with his last breath and the dollar signs just started spinning in poker machine style frenzy. The news hour had a discussion piece on the 10 July 2009 ( Jeffrey Brown talks to analysts and reporters about what stories when missing amid the media blitz over Michael Jackson's death.)
About the media, and I specifically liked the female guest, who was an African American woman and is a DJ for one of the local radio stations, who interrupted a professor from using the youth of a local College to promote a false perception that the public are what drives the media to give us what we want, arguing it’s the media that put’s the content on the air and has the control of what we watch. It is that very media which fills every station with the same content and then states “the ratings were at an all time high”.
The taxpayer & the public donor (America) pay for all sorts of con jobs in order to receive some decent show at the odd times. I’m not promoting pay TV but I am promoting some ordinance to the way in which the public gets the product. The way a reporter talks about the G8 summit and promotes a story which is contrary to the outcome of the final decision. A reporter that promotes Obama as meeting the Pope and the reporter’s speech becomes all tingly nice, with the baby talk feature installed to make it sound even more wonderful and sweeter than it actually is (PBS 10 July 2009) making out we are all a bunch of gullible idiots. The loading of networks with the same content and claiming the best ratings, rather than showing news with the facts about climate change, or what is important around the local community. It isn’t that I’m not a fan of Michael Jackson because I am but everything in moderation would be nice and to be treated as an intelligent public audience would be much less demeaning to everyone.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Religion & The Coward Who Hides Behind It

Religion & the Coward Who Hides Behind It
By Matthew Meurer

Each Religion has its trade mark, just as it has its spin doctors, the so called protectors of the cult, who have their media influences & political associations that support the cult at every turn.
The Muslims hide behind their religion by hiding their women in every way possible. The clothes they wear & the ideologies that go with them, maintain the slavery & the male domination to Keep them suppressed is evident in every aspect of the cult.

Buddhism is another cult that has its forms of suppression & again through the teachings, even though they are perceived to be a somewhat passive & spiritual experience, still bears all the underlying history of sword wielding glory & the notion of being the perfect species.
The list goes on & I could list every religion through the various brands of selfish, spiteful & unrepentant nasty trait that each one carries on their treacherous lying & deceitful back; but I’m going to pick on the one that’s been the nastiest & most spiteful coward backed, child molesting religion, that relentlessly runs away from its criminal conduct, by using women & children as lambs to the slaughter & for the most nastiest exorcism ever performed on me in the face of this world.
Firstly I have to go back to a small suburb called Berkeley, in New South Wales of Australia, where I was raised under a stricken Catholic ruling but with an Atheist nature. I was always dubbed the black sheep of the family because I was not confirmative to their religious values & often enough; found myself on the receiving end of the back hand.
Regardless of the upbringing, on the whole I had learnt a great deal of moral standings & I especially had to learn the difference between religious lies & Atheist truth. When one was disgruntled & used to have an opinion based on their religious teaching, the political aspect of their little minds would kick in & argue the resolve to the point of violent attacks. If I didn’t defend myself in the longer term, I would be forced into seclusion & overridden on anything that related to the exposure of the coward that called itself ‘a thoughtful Christian’.
That’s right, I’m discussing Christianity & the coward that runs away by the means of suppression & has the audacity to direct the accusation onto someone else when the finger is pointed at them. As we saw with the accusations against Michael Jackson after I mentioned him in my writings that the Media used to exploit me & the Catholic Church who, along with the use of the media, diverted the focus on him. At the time I was having the Catholic Church perform its exorcism on me & with the full support of the Australian Government, Police & my very own ex-family, who at one stage came to my ex-mothers place & threateningly stood over me. After I called the Police to this case of domestic violence, they rang the Police back & cancelled my call during the Pauline Hanson Court Case, which was being conducted in the papers & by the Politicians in the back ground, only to have my life destroyed for the sake of the cowards to run away & hide. To have Catholics stand over me armed with hockey sticks & sawn off broom sticks, entering my flat & stealing documentation of relevant evidence which related to the government’s involvement, whilst being denied the right to be on the Department of Housing Commissions list so I can be held in these dwellings with the full control of the corrupt Police mafia, under constant audio/video surveillance. Treated with sleep deprivation through slamming doors, vilification, violent threats, intimidation & constant harassment before having my door kicked in at 6:30am on New Year’s Eve of 2007 & Officer McGrath accusing me of being the instigator before he had even asked any questions or inspected the evidence, I refused to lie down & die.
The constant excuse is Family, Children & Women’s Rights that are played up as being discrimination against them, or threatened in some form or another. The truth is that they are the threat & are supported by the Governments very own Pedophile cult within the family law system; Catholic backed of course. The real woman, who is desperate to be the center of attention but lacks the mental ability to have any leadership, continues to be the co-dependent that uses its own children to be affected & interfered with, for the sake of psychological attacks from the so called protectors, which she uses to attack on behalf of a mentally disturbed revenge complex.
The wonderful thing about being an Atheist & a humanist is the fact that I could have committed suicide at any time, fulfilling my promise to her, that if I die she dies. I can assure you all, I have been very tempted at times whilst under the most severe oppression/suppression. Thanks to my Atheist nature, I am able to defend myself in the long term, unlike Father Maury Crocker of Berkeley Catholic Church, who was also cornered, isolated & stalked until he committed suicide for exposing Pedophiles, such as Father VanKlouster & other priests which I can’t state for legal reasons & exposing the corruption that is stopping me from voting, going to school, accessing the law or being a part of the main stream society which is protecting this pedophile cult & ignoring me to the point that I don’t exist. That goes for the Atheist Foundation of Australia & the Humanist society, to which I am a member of but excluded from & my emails ignored as well.
One last thing: I would like to see Kevin Rudd deny the letter of apology for what he & Labor did to me over the Pauline Hanson case, which he sent to me Around October of 2004.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Religious Domination Dominates The Law

Here is an example of a Catholic who gets 9 months of his sentance suspended. What other Catholics had influence here or is it because this is a Catholic dominated Christian society under Kevin Rudd?

Priest jailed for abusing altar boys

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Kevin Rudd on Lateline ABC Australia (20/4/09) has condemned the boat people smugglers as the 'Scum of the Earth".
It is clear that Kevin Rudd has no idea of the situation that drives people to do the things they do for basic survival. I am not apologising or making excuses for him but as an Atheist who has been the brunt of his previous remarks against me & still today bearing the brunt of those remarks, feel the need to bring this issue to your attention.
It is a fact that a Human rights faction of Australia has agreed with Malcolm Turnbul this afternoon, that there is a need to have the Indonesian Government, implement a law against the people smugglers & this being the most effective form of action.
Kevin Rudd has used his religious gutter mouth for the wrong reason yet once again & has deemed others to be something that his opinion has little authority of deciding but a significant public action of reprisal.
To remain silent on this issue would be as criminal as the very remarks that condemn these people for being human beings.