Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Loud Can You Scream Rape

How Loud Can You Scream Rape
By Matt Meurer 14-Aug-09
As the latest facts come out about Greg Inglis and his girlfriend Sally Robinson, the NRL and David Gallop have been proven to have egg on their face over the quick decision to ban the man from the game for accusations of deliberate assault.
It now seems that the couple had some personal problems and Greg Inglis is not the man that Gallop had accused him of being and the Police were short on facts as usual. That didn’t stop the accusations flowing fast and furious from the NRL and their devised women in danger of violence promotion for the game and their religious orientated sponsors, who had devised the pressure on the NRL by withdrawing their advertisements and their financial sponsored support.
The media were just as bad with their flighty and overzealous attack on the man, as they also attempted to make him into a nasty male cretin of the male stigmatized type. Showing their solidarity for the feminist child molester and the religious frame of mental illness was channel ten news, who earlier in the week, had a story about a woman who had her two and a half year old baby taken from her arms as she sat outside her residence and four people drove up in a car, two got out, snatching the child and hitting her at the same time. As it turned out, they were withholding the real contents of the story in order to play up a greater level of severity and you guessed it, play the man into a woman bashing cretin. In fact the circumstances are that the child’s father had taken the baby from her, not some unknown kidnapper. The father returned the child to the police station after the police requested he do so.
To sum it all up, one would have to say, how loud can these nasty black hearted, child molesting selfish co-dependent female cowards scream, in order to get someone into trouble and especially when it’s a man. Well looking at the written media evidence and the cowardly police actions, not very hard or very loud at all.

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  1. thats right matt how loud can u scream rape and how loud can u scream child molesterer