Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NRL Decide Players Legal Fate

NRL Decide Players Legal Fate
By Matt Meurer http://myblog-atheistno1.blogspot.com/
The law is for reform and is not for substitution by various groups with political business promotion, neither is it for business or individuals to take into their own hands and manipulate for the purpose of harassment to other members of society and define another’s social position. That is up to the individual members of society which by the terms of democracy, have the right to vote and in turn have the right to form their own judgment on issues they deem of importance to them. David Gallop and the National Rugby League have again decided to take matters into their own hands by deciding the player’s legal fate, when two of NRL’s players are in the headlines for domestic violence against their partners.
You would think that society is not so blind to contemplate the possibility of more than one type of relationship. Have we all forgotten the same sex relationship scenario that is constantly in the headlines but is completely unspoken of in the media, when it is an issue of domestic violence? No, I think not and I don’t have control over the media, the religious government and their mates of the media networks who wish to maintain the religious domination of heterosexuality do. They are going to use the media for everything its worth and play every public member for the fool in the process. Gay’s are not welcome but nasty child molesters who want to come to this country and have the protection of child possession and get a divorce are.
The NRL and David Gallop are using the media to promote the game as a family event and that means that Gay’s are not family even though their money is always welcome. David Gallop has again taken the law into the NRL’s hands this morning, stating that “players who wind up in the headlines for the wrong reason will not have a place in the game”. Regardless of the choices the sponsors wish to take, the game is played and hero’s are chosen by their athletic ability and the public at any age will decide if the player is a hero or not. I for one do not need to be told that a player is suspended and less of a player because they have broken the law, I can judge that for myself. The law can judge the person that broke the law and apply the appropriate judicial process and not David Gallop or the NRL and not the feminist child molesters, politicians and their mentally ill religious mates.
I can assure anyone, the NRL need to be put in front of a grand jury and charged with perverting the course of justice. Unlawful investigation’s into Police matters and obstructing witnesses in matters of criminal law.

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  1. just more bullshit, and again everyones a child molesterer