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Class Division Is A Religious Political Myth

Class Division Is A Religious Political Myth
By Matt Meurer 1-Aug-09
The division of the classes is so important that the western leaders decided to make a stimulus package that not only protected the corporate criminal; it used the public’s money to do it. What better way to finance the very people who had reduced the population to financial despair, than to maintain the status quo of refinancing corporations with the money that could have financed the public with some reimbursement of their losses. Obama’s recent remarks of Gates and the desperately nice meeting they had, over some beers, is a clear indicator of how important it is to the religious governments, as it maintains the ‘needed’ use of the religious charity.
Barrack Obama, Kevin Rudd and Gordon Brown were all a part of the same stimulus package that could have been put through the public by being implemented into a government based loan, which paid failing loans out to the banks. The early days of immigration policy, allowed migrants to take out low interest loans that were through the old Rural Bank. This was paid off over a long period at the same price as rent and the interest was fixed. So, the banks having their money would have freed up lending and the public would be in a position to refrain from being made homeless. The economy would have had a flow on effect and maintaining the fiscal policy with better growth than we are seeing now. The corporate giants wouldn’t be caretakers of the public money and having the luxury of big bonuses and neither would the public be in the same boat of having the debts held against their heads like a loaded gun.
The governments are dragging their feet over the things that have been brought to light in the past ten years and their determined to make class the center of attention now that they are refrained from stealing Aboriginal kid’s and blatant black slavery. They need an edge for their religious beliefs, which is why we are seeing the religious Jesuit barking in the front line of Human Rights. An example of the mentality which I recently encountered, was a remark by Mary Kostakidas, the SBS TV presenter, to which I know how to say her name but won’t apologize if it is spelt incorrectly, stated to me at the Premier room of the Wollongong Entertainment Center, after I said I am an Atheist and which was a part of the response to a conversation of Human Rights was; “so am I what a coincidence, we’ve got Father (I can’t remember his name) a Jesuit priest from the Humanist Society with us today, just over there near our table”. Mary was the speaker and one of the organizers of the Human Rights meeting, which was arranged for the purpose of retrieving information on behalf of Kevin Rudd. Now you might ask how that isn’t so strange but remember, this is politics and Human Rights are being groomed for the means of government policy. That’s why there are so many females crying poor and the religious moron is screaming foul for their cause and pro-lifers are so exposed in the mass media. Obama & Rudd are especially being overly polite and extremely nice about asking everyone to respect another’s religion but refuse to respect someone who doesn’t have one.
The use of deafening silence comes into play when it comes to this point of the discussion. Atheists are a threat to religious order and science is a threat of the biggest kind. The Newmatilda site had a story on plagiarism a couple of days ago and I responded with a comment about adding the date and time to assignments but not having a lot of control over plagiarist’s when it came to the Catholic Church, adding the facts that they have been plagiarizing young scientists for years, by giving a similar paper and posting it on a wide media scale with a religious and political argument and leaving the original writer of the original document, as a begrudging anti religionist, or a threat to the National Security. When the begrudged person tries to defend him or herself, they meet a wall of silence and the ignorance of the media brainwashed, who believe everything they pay the media to tell them all the lies for. Other methods which are implemented to those who are resilient of being silenced, are given emotional blackmail and much sympathy in place of compensation, for the fact that they want the person silenced and refuse to pay out money to someone they wish to destroy.
We are all being exploited for the sake of class and gender. The media has taken it to new levels and it is being promoted by the female in most cases. Last week, a Sydney radio station put a 14 year old girl on a lie detector and the stalking mother, of all people, asked her about her sex life and the poor girl was the programs piece of new reality media when she was compelled to answer about being raped two years earlier, exciting every pervert with this young girls sex life. Nobody wants to be asked about their sex life and especially not a 14 year old child. Her human rights were expelled at that point and the media again had their little manipulation tool of exploitation working for them, as well as the government it so avidly supports with it.

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  1. again u idiot the corperations r the ones that provide industry and jobs. and most of them r public shareholder owned