Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Suicide Is Not A Contractable Disease

Suicide is Not a Contractible Disease
By Matthew Meurer

The latest stories on the news about teenagers committing suicide and the all of the blame is being attributed to the Internet, are also as sorry as the situation of their deaths. One mother on the ABC News, Mrs. Rea, told reporters that her daughter would not have committed suicide, had her daughter not had the Internet. After her daughter received a nasty text, she became emotional, told her mother about it and her mother consoled her. About an hour later, the father came home and the parents found the daughter dead.
Every time there’s a tragedy that includes suicide, undeniably, the religious support networks will show up, telling loved ones their concerns and how they are feeling about the issue. Making sure that their psychological suggestion is the relevant answer to what is often a number of issues that have been compounded and formed the action that has been taken, to commit the act of suicide. Life of the teenager has progressed to a life of a teenage adult, since the religious mentality has dropped to level of desperate substandard and deceitful storytelling lies, to justify their belief over the facts of scientific evidence and in fact, downright pathetic attempts to be the center of attention. They are willing to stand over someone with the utmost ferocity and the determination of a complete smothering stalker, which restricts the person’s ability to have thoughts that the religious mentality considers to be impure. Refusing to allow the troubled mind to regain composure and forcing psychological suggestion of their fears, mixed with a few Jesuit truths and the belief that they are preventing suicide from happening, but in fact, that smothering is doing more harm than good. You can NOT force someone to believe what you believe and especially when it is not an issue that has not happened to you but in fact has happened to the person of concern. The truth will eventually come out and resentment will be the remaining bad taste, which can lead to the act of suicide being a secretive thing, or more than often, taken out on someone else.
It is quite the norm for a mother to deny anything is her fault in matters such as these but to blame the Internet instead of a more outgoing life, or the influence of distraction to other varieties in life, would have been more helpful. The daughter is just another youth who is living the life of what has now become one of quite an exploitation, to say the least and ‘cyber bullying’ is a part of that. The effects of a caged animals and one especially comes to mind, is that of a brown bear in a Romanian zoo, where being caged, antagonized and literally bored to tears, ended up with the bear chewing its own limbs off and engaging in self destruct mode and very normal behavior considering the circumstances. Humans are no different, even though the religious order tries incessantly, to deny the similarities between the different species. Humans are not resilient to being cornered, isolated and stalked and will behave with the same instincts that every species have. Corner a dog and threaten it with anger or pain, it will bite. Put that same dog in a lock up, attached to a chain for long periods of time without any emotion, other than ignorance and it will become irate and self destruct just like the bear. The most important thing that everyone should realize, is that suicide is not a disease that you catch like a common cold but is a very real fact of life that needs to be recognized with realistic consequences of each other’s actions.


  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. suicide happens for all sorts of reason s... rarely religious, but hey got to throw that prededuce crap in as usual