Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Charity Starts At Home

One can only wonder if Kevin Rudd ever considers that famous broken promise of Bob Hawke's to have no Australian child living in poverty by 1990. It seems that the modern Labor Party is more intent with ensuring that no foreign child lives in poverty, while sending millions overseas in aid.

Illegal immigrants are welcomed with open arms and ferried to comfortable accommodation with all of the essentials of life supplied including the latest teleconferencing facilities, while many Australians are sleeping rough on the streets. New accommodation is built and furnished for refugees, as Aboriginal elders shake their head in frustration at the lack of progress on promised housing.

Pensioners have been largely forgotten and have to live on a meagre income which does not even keep time with inflation and many families are sleeping in cars as there are not enough homes to go around.

One Nation calls on The Labor Party and The Liberals to end this madness. Both of the main political parties in this country have been guilty of grandstanding on the world stage and have broken many promises at home. They have ignored their duty of care to the Australian people and have forgotten those famous words:"Charity begins at home"
Statement issued June 16th 2010 for One Nation (NSW Division) by Craig Hesketh Publicity Officer and candidate for Riverina
More information Craig Hesketh 0403065394
Authorised by Bob Vinnicombe Interim State President 0407949963 / 0296454910