Thursday, October 22, 2009

Child Welfare Policy = Grooming

Child Welfare Policy = Grooming

By Matt Meurer

I caught a main part of Parliament Question time on 21st of October, on the ABC TV, where it was discussed by the Labor government, to bringing out new programs for schools on children support services. The Rudd Catholic government has decided to groom children by associating themselves personally with the student’s. Kevin Rudd was at the office on the computer, linked to twitter, whilst the female Senator went to the school and had the student’s convinced that they need to deal with depression, self harm and every other means to remove the parent’s role and the individual student’s confidence, so they can have an excuse to build that lost confidence back up again. To make children think on the religious based beliefs, that they are in a complicated environment of moral dilemma, that is being reduced and eroded by depressive feelings from influential sources of non religious groups, left me in a state of total disgust, to see these women who sit directly behind the speaker at the microphone, laughing and smirking whilst they constantly nod their heads with absolute mental illness, in an approving manner of the education minister’s remarks.

Just like the child sex abuser, this government has again undertaken the role of grooming the child for their influential manipulation but the difference is that this manipulation is not for sex, it is for mind control and domination. The Catholic way that has seen the institution become the biggest child molestation services in the western world, still continues to rear its ugly head through the public educational institutions and thanks to the clever government that thinks it should define the rule of psychiatric control over legal legislation. Selling the whole program as a form of making the community a better state of welfare, the government continues to molest the easiest targets and those targets being ‘children’.

Having women molest their own children in matters of family law and remove the male role model and father to distorting the child’s outlook in and on society is the female interpretation of a future for the female and the religious institution’s overpopulated planet, not for the beneficial welfare of children, or the greater good for all the population. This is absolute greed on behalf of women and the religious mental illness within the government’s righteous selfishness to exploit whatever part of society it can get away with. The public are becoming more aware of the environmental damage caused by a greedy self centered way and just sits gullibly by and allows these lovely, wonderfully sweat, nasty Christian assholes, which are considered a popular entity that everyone should vote for, or agree with because they are pretty and/or popular. This eccentric behavior in itself has relevant explanation for the behavior towards children in society today and is a major factor for the social unrest that is caused by the mental health, drug pushing business behind it all, as they pursue the money making industry for health.

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