Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mental Health Aimed At Men

It is a known fact that over 2000 men commit suicide in Australia each year. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has pledged funding to the tune of $280million for suicide prevention in a media report on ABC 24 TV this morning, 27/07/2010. Asked by a reporter, Does she know “why the rates of suicide are so high” in this country of Australia? The patronising little girl Gillard replied, that “she is not a health professional” & the question should be directed to “someone in that field”. She has committed herself to a problem with the knowledge of its causes & removed herself from the subject as a blatant dodge of the facts, taken the steps to endorse a program that financially supports the charities of choice & refuses governmental responsibility for its own actions, failing to address the causes of depression & the effects of suppression that drives suicide, whilst making the product of choice to be ‘children’ & the by product of ‘men’.
Recent reports from China have revealed the extensive rate of suicide of the oppressed workers in sweat shops that are constantly scrutinised by someone threatening & watching over their shoulder. The facts of effects where suicide is witnessed by populations that have been hemmed in by concrete walls & two examples of this, is America in the 1950’s, when African Americans were sectioned off with a concrete boundary’s to segregate them from the rest of white society & Palestine refusing assimilation & freedom of expression, as the Jew’s control their lives with blatant concrete wall indignity.
Only a few cases of suicide are of a result of mental illness & not everyone suffers from, for example, Bi Polar disorder & the state of depression is a matter of cause. The Gillard Catholic Paedophile cult, have patronisingly given funding to an old problem with a new spin but have failed to identify the real causes behind male suicide & for the reason of protecting their child molesting policies. The child is remaining the product & incorporating the male figure as the problem, supporting child molestation & to justify the use of children as the abused product, as usual. Incorporating the use of Beyond Blue & Lifeline will be the beneficiaries of the child product funding & will give them the edge, to indulge in the individual’s personal privacy through counselling & through the medical records availability option, whilst maintaining a hold on the silencing of people through the use of psychiatric services & government departments, as they play it up as “mental illness”.
I welcome the address of true cases of mental health & not this beat up version of election time spin that Labor is using to avoid their responsibilities of failed policies & personal attacks on previous children & men, such as myself.

By Matthew Meurer