Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paying Prisoners To The Media

Paying Prisoners To The Media
By Matthew Meurer

I couldn’t help noticing how much the public are a prisoner to the very media they pay for bringing them the news. Overtones of injustice and pretentious denials of their knowledge about the reporting that lead the public into a belief about the story reported, was totally true and without any doubt it could have misleading content.
For example, Michael Jackson was recently exposed on every channel at the same time and the very media that played him down to be the scum of the earth for accusations of child molestation, were now praising him as the King of Pop and the most wonderful person that ever lived. The hypocritical instinct kicked in as soon as the man had hit the floor with his last breath and the dollar signs just started spinning in poker machine style frenzy. The news hour had a discussion piece on the 10 July 2009 ( Jeffrey Brown talks to analysts and reporters about what stories when missing amid the media blitz over Michael Jackson's death.)
About the media, and I specifically liked the female guest, who was an African American woman and is a DJ for one of the local radio stations, who interrupted a professor from using the youth of a local College to promote a false perception that the public are what drives the media to give us what we want, arguing it’s the media that put’s the content on the air and has the control of what we watch. It is that very media which fills every station with the same content and then states “the ratings were at an all time high”.
The taxpayer & the public donor (America) pay for all sorts of con jobs in order to receive some decent show at the odd times. I’m not promoting pay TV but I am promoting some ordinance to the way in which the public gets the product. The way a reporter talks about the G8 summit and promotes a story which is contrary to the outcome of the final decision. A reporter that promotes Obama as meeting the Pope and the reporter’s speech becomes all tingly nice, with the baby talk feature installed to make it sound even more wonderful and sweeter than it actually is (PBS 10 July 2009) making out we are all a bunch of gullible idiots. The loading of networks with the same content and claiming the best ratings, rather than showing news with the facts about climate change, or what is important around the local community. It isn’t that I’m not a fan of Michael Jackson because I am but everything in moderation would be nice and to be treated as an intelligent public audience would be much less demeaning to everyone.

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  1. people r only prisoners if they believe themselves to b( unless they're locked up of course) ur no prisioner . stop pretending u r one