Friday, August 14, 2009

Religious Sanctity is a Blissful Thing

Religious Sanctity is a Blissful Thing
By Matt Meurer 15-Aug-09

Father Robert Macgregor Fuller, aged 54 years, a priest from the Catholic Church faced court yesterday (Friday) on charges of procuring and grooming a child under the age of sixteen years. Fr Robert Fuller allegedly exposed himself to a Police officer who was posing as a thirteen year old girl by web cam and arranged to meet the girl at Parramatta pool for sex. Father Terry Bell, who is the acting Bishop for western Sydney diocese, described Fr Fuller as a hard worker and “having a good reputation in the community”, posted bail of $25k and offered a place of accommodation in a residence owned by the church at Terrigal. Magistrate Peter Miszalski agreed to the terms under the condition he surrender his passport and report to police three times a week and return to reappear in court on the 8th of October.
Many times I have seen these headlines but having different characters within them. So many times I have encountered the same verdicts of sending the perpetrators to a place of private protection instead of Gaol. The same old headlines and the same old protectionism for the religious perpetrator which one would think, this should suffice the outcome of the Magistrates decision and render the perpetrators next actions incompetent. But this is the same old method of sentence and we are seeing the perpetrator sent home to be watched by his mate or a family member, why is this so wrong? Well I can tell you it isn’t a lack of trying to deal with garbage but is a support network that has led to many more abuses from the perpetrators freedoms. Give them to the family to watch over and they abuse their children or their grand children, even great grand children. Give them to a mate to watch over and they are supported in many cases by the same breed of garbage that set them up on child sex charges in the first place. From my experience, one of the best places for pedophile protection is the Catholic Church and another is within the family, where the variety to feed the sexual frenzy are plentiful. The overwhelming interest in your children gives them an overwhelming appetite for some of that child sex.
You might ask how I would know all this and many might even know why but just to be sure I will refresh your memory with clarity. Some of the public might remember names like Frank Arkell and Tony Bevan who were Wollongong’s Lord Mayor and a partner’s in crime, real estate developer. Both were pedophiles and working within a cult which extended deep into the state and Federal police forces, through what I was to believe, ‘the send the pedophile home to their friends and families to watch program’. The Catholic Church was one of the biggest supporters of this method, as it reduced the exposure of the churches criminal association. It made sure that the priests and outside perpetrators were protected by the parishioners and by the churches very own support networks, such as other priest pedophiles and Judges within the courts who have the power to maintain the sort of lifestyle that would be imposed as punishment. The government made use of their crimes through the Catholic Mafia’s means to manipulate men of divorce in family law and in combination of other criminals who were given a tool of bargaining for reducing the sentence or of threat to apply a sentence for a crime, even if they did not commit one because the deception stretches a lot further than just the action of sex.
You have to put yourself in the religious mind frame to understand some of the thinking behind this exotic form of power and abuse, where Gay couples are considered criminals and children are mere sex offences, even if it meant men on little boys. Only religion matter and the means to empower those religious values is to have the power of authority and the means of which to manipulate, befriend and abuse with the most underhanded political protection. I might be a political prisoner under the accusations of a terrorist, Atheist or whatever other excuse or campaign of discredit this government wants to accuse me of but one thing’s for sure, I will never bow to cowardly garbage that uses those accusations to run away and hide.