Friday, July 1, 2011

Political Language for the Blind

Political Language for the Blind

By Matt Meurer 1/7/2011

Categories: Politics Tax Atheism Religion Humanism

The past week has been fun filled on the political front’s, with All sorts refined language to describe their political direction and to have the public baffled by confusion. The Labor party was on another high religious ideology, claiming to be faith healers who will define the planets weather patterns by driving a taxable wedge into the equation and give it a description of relevance on a level of national security; Leaving one to think whether or not it was in fact a piece of the greens thinking, rather than their own. One would be forced to think the country’ best interests would be better served, when the National Interest wasn’t described in the form of a tax and a decision by which this so called tax was being promoted by the factual statistics of the tax, not by the labor party’s girl club strict religious rules that are busy sending force down Community lines. It’s not as though society isn’t feeling some back lash from the nasty element who wish to provoke some dissent on the labor party’s behalf, or the nasty little bitches club running around getting their hooks into people because they can’t get a grip on their own pathetic life and because Bob Brown can’t get a grip on his hormones and wants to send people to stand over Indonesians. Although Wayne Swann may not want to talk about domestic politics (Melbourne institute via ABC TV 24 30/6/11 1:20pm) because Gillard and Macklin are promoting family values with money for people who decide to have a baby, buying them with welfare (ABC24 12:pm 1/7/11) from the Nanny State which is then reclaimed on living expenses and implemented taxes, in the same way they have told us to cut our carbon foot print, saving on electricity and bumping the price through the roof, leaving pensioners with the option of candles. Swann doesn’t want to talk about domestic policy because that would just lead him having to discuss the reasons why an Agnostic Prime Minister and her governmental ‘Followers’ will not allow same sex marriage and how many more Men they will send suicidal over the family law system we have in place, or the means to control Aboriginals by controlling their finances. The lack of statistics and deceptive language has reduced their political ratings to the lowest point ever. To think a government refuses to accept the fact that Gillard was put in the lime light as an “Atheist” and reflect to that 70% of us who are non religious; but the public are deceived by the obvious Labor party ‘catch 22’ of word play on ‘Atheist’ and ‘Theist’. Atheist is no belief and ‘Theist’ being Agnostic, the party is given a legal escape goat. The reason someone would be exempt from voting due to a ‘Religious Belief’ and because that belief is from a ‘non religious’ person, it is a valid law which has been implemented on the basis of a ‘religious person’ with that belief and therefore valid to a non religious person. But the charade goes on with the emperor having no clothes and not realizing that this play has been seen before.

Politics are talking strategy and as the emails fly back and forth and each party moves into organization mode, the Liberals have strengthened their stance on the matter of principal and are now showing some courage in their language and in favor of their agenda. Clover Moore (ABC news 1/7/11) has given the Liberals a big lift under the O’Farrell government, as she promotes the new sewerage and heating system which has been financed by a network of network of firms in the Sydney CBD and with a product called Tri Gas. This will generate heating and reusable water for the sewage systems and allow clean consumable water for health and hygiene, whilst the buildings will be built to environmental specifications and eventually include the older buildings linking up with the rest of the sewage network and evolution of the population and confronting the changing world that all species constantly adapt to seems so much clearer than the crap were all having to listen to lately. An action I would describe as an advantage to Australia as a nation and as a country which is supporting itself financially whilst implementing immediate attention to the effects of pollution in the environment.