Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Koran And Bible Burning Day

Koran And Bible Burning Day
By Matt Meurer -5 August 09

Due to the ongoing disrespect from religious organizations and groups, I am organizing a Koran and Bible burning day for late December.
The constant determination of the religious sects to conduct themselves with total disrespect to the worlds public, with ongoing discrimination against same sex couples, Atheists, divorced persons, Aboriginals and race in general etc; ongoing wars and terror threats, child molestation removal of human rights, degradation of the law and the legal system, due to a belief system, has prompted me to take affirmative action against the mentality that is undermining the worlds peaceful progress.
These religious people are not the intelligent people and do not deserve the right to be a power of authority, even though they ‘believe’ they are and do. The time has come to look at the world’s direction and make a stand for what is reality and what is a realistic meaning for humanity, and animal life.
If you are a person of truth, understanding and have a genuine concern for the direction of yourselves and your future generations, or you would like to participate, or have some ideas, please leave a comment in the comments section of this blog.
Kind regards, Matt.


  1. Listen, mate, I think it's a brave act to burn a Bible and a Koran. May I suggest you burn, to increase the effect, the Bible outside St Andrew's or St Mary's on Sunday morning and the Koran around about Friday salat time out in front of Lakemba Mosque. I'll take a video of the whole affair and, for scientific purposes only, report back to you about the outcome.

    BTW, would you like people to send flowers or donate money to the charity of your choice?

  2. again double standards . make out ur stick'n up 4 the minority and then attack those that believe in the koran and the bible