Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Kevin Rudd on Lateline ABC Australia (20/4/09) has condemned the boat people smugglers as the 'Scum of the Earth".
It is clear that Kevin Rudd has no idea of the situation that drives people to do the things they do for basic survival. I am not apologising or making excuses for him but as an Atheist who has been the brunt of his previous remarks against me & still today bearing the brunt of those remarks, feel the need to bring this issue to your attention.
It is a fact that a Human rights faction of Australia has agreed with Malcolm Turnbul this afternoon, that there is a need to have the Indonesian Government, implement a law against the people smugglers & this being the most effective form of action.
Kevin Rudd has used his religious gutter mouth for the wrong reason yet once again & has deemed others to be something that his opinion has little authority of deciding but a significant public action of reprisal.
To remain silent on this issue would be as criminal as the very remarks that condemn these people for being human beings.


  1. u idiot, people smugglers r cashing in and the people gett'n out r the ones that dont have it that bad cause the only ones that can get out r the ones with money

  2. i thinhk u need some education