Monday, August 3, 2009

Rudd Mafia OZ Car Get Nastier

Rudd Mafia OZ Car Get Nastier
By Matt Meurer -4 August-2009

The OZ car affair has just hit new highs on the news this morning, with Labor looking for every avenue of escape. The fact that Godwin Grech is in a psych ward, makes this whole ordeal smell of Labor corruption. They would have attacked his finances, made him out to be everything he’s not and stalked him to the religious eternity of the Rudd Mafia mentality, in order to put him in the position he’s in. I know that fear of going to the local shopping center and even the shop keeper looks fearfully into the crowd in and outside the store, for those mate ship threatening stalkers, when something is said in relation to current political events. The Labor mate ship and their Catholic stalkers are all over this one for sure.
Grech is the one they are desperate to destroy and not so much Malcolm Turnbul, as the Rudd Mafia knows he is the key witness to the whole OZ Car scandal and the email along with the vehicle that Rudd can’t afford but needs to promote his political agenda, are his uttermost exposure. Kevin Rudd hiding behind those quirky sayings and being such a nice little man that doesn’t have a nasty streak in him, until the airline stewardess gets the chicken sandwich wrong and exposes the underside of Rudd’s nasty mean streak that’s become evident to the legal, mental and physical treatment of Godwin Grech.

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  1. rudds an idiot like u , but certainly not runn'n a mafia.. what a joke