Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Labors Ongoing New Laws

Labors Ongoing New Laws
By Matt Meurer 13-Aug-09

David Gallop had very little to say in regards to the players suspension from the game over assault charges on the news last night. The media have taken their stance with more selective hearing on the matter and the silence of the David Gallop and the NRL’s involvement of distorting criminal matters. Gallop has very quickly become a yes sir no sir man and is now allowing the media, Police and government to deploy new laws and measures to silence the instigation and those which were used in the Pauline Hanson court case, to support Police, religious and government corruption and the isolation from society that is being maintained against me, ‘The Atheist’ and the Gay community’s are being refrained from a family level of participation; again the silence is deafening. David Gallop and the NRL’s remarks on this matter of the treatment to players and its mind games with the legal system have opened the door on matters from the past and the lead up of the commentary now taking a front row seat.
The media with channel nine and its investigative reporters that were deployed at the time of the Pauline Hanson episode, went into a frenzy of protection against the threat to family law the government had made a jeopardy of, by giving public exploitation rights to the media and which was done for the protection of the state and federal Police and State and federal governments actions of corruption when they attacked the publicized content of the court case and turned it into a political fiasco. Kevin Rudd cannot deny the personal letter of apology that he sent to me in late 2004 and of which accompanied a smearing written statement about John Howard and I quote the statement used to describe Howard, was an “arsehole”. Constant questioning was employed by various members of the public whilst the media and the government were keeping me under constant video and audio surveillance, maintaining the denial of an appropriate legal channel and promoting religion in the terms and context the government required, to order the play a political exploitation that would undermine anything that could be used in a court and as argument of the treatment which was and still is being dealt to me in the state of societal isolation.
David Gallop, the NRL and their sponsors are now taking a relatively back seat to their statements and actions which have been a means to hoodwink society but then again, now that I have written this, I will have to see what they will do and say next. Like all politics, the underhanded nastiness is defiantly mean denial is blatant accusation to say the least and one only has to refer to the visiting of the Pope to George Bush, when the Pope told Bush to order the death penalty for child abusers, in order to take the focus from the Catholic Church and the western governments religious pedophile cults that are being supported and hidden from the world stage, to know what I am saying and exactly what I mean. The gay communities are not going to be a part of this society according to the religious mental illness with their imaginary man inside their heads and their manipulation of legal policies and laws, which are distorting and destroying the very fabric of society instead of supporting this century’s life after primitive thinking are evident, just as I am refused to make comments on various web pages and media reports and anything that is anti-religious based comment, is mostly removed from existence.
Worse than a murderer or a drug pusher, is the religion pusher. The Pope tells politicians to kill people on grounds to remove the focus from their own criminal conduct and religion itself is nothing more than a concoction of lies and deceit based on the focus of taking money under false pretenses.

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