Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This Political Prisoner Wants Justice or Euthanasia

Written by Matthew Meurer 13/10/10

The reason that the religious sector, including the Government does not want the laws for Euthanasia passed is mainly a matter of having control of people’s lives.
As an outspoken critique against the illegal Iraq war and opposing the Afghan war for the reasons of not doing business with a corrupt Afghan government and knowing that the attempts to suppress the culture of its people would be a non event was the real thorn in a corrupt Australian and American government’s side.

This is highlighted by the fact that the State Labor government went into molest and discredit mode, attacking and vilifying me and many other people in order to make the situation of my exclusion from society possible. After the then leader of the opposition, Mark Latham, stole my identity and statements I had made about George Bush were repeated by Latham and a disclaimer was played on the world stage about my existence and to help their cause of removing my identity, I was forced into living conditions under Catholic/religious landlords and whilst constantly being stalked, sleep deprivation and under constant video and audio surveillance, the spare key kept in their possession so they could enter my flat and take any correspondence that I wrote, especially to the Geneva Convention or evidence relating to the Australian governments measures of corruption in the whole matter that I was framed with. The religious sector feared the fact that I am an Atheist and were aggressive in the fact that they were desperate to suppress me on that reason alone but for the governments reason, it was to cover up for the decision to go to war in Iraq.

I Matthew Meurer, hereby declare this statement to be the truth and that I am of sound mind, sick to death of being kept a political prisoner in a two bedroom flat, isolated from society, refused the right to social inclusion and want my legal issues put before a court in the Hague or to be given the right to Euthanasia.


Matthew Meurer

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mental Health A National Interest

Mental Health A National Interest
Written by Matt Meurer 22/08/2010
The Labor government have recently announced their support for the mental health services to be financially strengthened but those of us who have been the brunt of those services being used as an excuse for the government to cover up its criminal activities, know it isn’t all wrapped up to be for the benefit of the good of the nation. The Labor government have recently distributed a pamphlet threatening Centrelink customers with their pensions and benefits over medical certificates and their capacity to work. It seems the customer’s original medical certification is not an issue and that some government minister is medically qualified to make a decision about one’s circumstances from a distant office of the commonwealth, or that is time to force the person they have had in a state of suppression, are forced to go on about their life so those responsible for the customers destructed and destroyed life can be forgotten about in the governments favour.
It is time that the government are brought to the reality of the public’s needs and the real issue of mental health is addressed through the medical diagnosis of the religious and feminist mental illness of the political institution that is governing this country and threatening the national interest with ongoing disunity and blatant discrimination against those with logical beliefs or non religious beliefs.
1) Mental health should not be used to keep recipients in an oppressed state over matters of family law, child deaths in custody due to government criminal incompetency or negligence by Family Law, Department of Community Services or any other family services agency.
2) Mental health must not be used against the public but used to benefit the public it is designed to help, rather than the governments specific political interests of oppression, suppression or torture, as it has been used against myself and others in the past and present years, in order to blatantly refuse judicial retribution of the law and against one’s human dignity and right’s as an individual.
3) Past matters of the government’s criminal discriminatory conduct must be legally addressed in The Hague and those responsible for their participation must be brought to justice. The religious, feminist, political mentality that refuses to acknowledge Gay marriage, Men’s rights for and with their children in issues of divorce, Child deaths in the custody of foster care after being removed from the parents for the benefit governments interference of the legal system, The stolen generations of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders and of immigrants are very real issues of immediate mental health issues with a strong alliance with government based mental illness and on the basis of false belief, without factual concrete evidence.

Since the Australian Election, only one Independent political member has addressed the notion of “Ethical” commonsense governance for the best interests of the country. Instead we have heard the ongoing rhetoric of the major parties speaking for themselves and the future of their political careers.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mental Health Aimed At Men

It is a known fact that over 2000 men commit suicide in Australia each year. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has pledged funding to the tune of $280million for suicide prevention in a media report on ABC 24 TV this morning, 27/07/2010. Asked by a reporter, Does she know “why the rates of suicide are so high” in this country of Australia? The patronising little girl Gillard replied, that “she is not a health professional” & the question should be directed to “someone in that field”. She has committed herself to a problem with the knowledge of its causes & removed herself from the subject as a blatant dodge of the facts, taken the steps to endorse a program that financially supports the charities of choice & refuses governmental responsibility for its own actions, failing to address the causes of depression & the effects of suppression that drives suicide, whilst making the product of choice to be ‘children’ & the by product of ‘men’.
Recent reports from China have revealed the extensive rate of suicide of the oppressed workers in sweat shops that are constantly scrutinised by someone threatening & watching over their shoulder. The facts of effects where suicide is witnessed by populations that have been hemmed in by concrete walls & two examples of this, is America in the 1950’s, when African Americans were sectioned off with a concrete boundary’s to segregate them from the rest of white society & Palestine refusing assimilation & freedom of expression, as the Jew’s control their lives with blatant concrete wall indignity.
Only a few cases of suicide are of a result of mental illness & not everyone suffers from, for example, Bi Polar disorder & the state of depression is a matter of cause. The Gillard Catholic Paedophile cult, have patronisingly given funding to an old problem with a new spin but have failed to identify the real causes behind male suicide & for the reason of protecting their child molesting policies. The child is remaining the product & incorporating the male figure as the problem, supporting child molestation & to justify the use of children as the abused product, as usual. Incorporating the use of Beyond Blue & Lifeline will be the beneficiaries of the child product funding & will give them the edge, to indulge in the individual’s personal privacy through counselling & through the medical records availability option, whilst maintaining a hold on the silencing of people through the use of psychiatric services & government departments, as they play it up as “mental illness”.
I welcome the address of true cases of mental health & not this beat up version of election time spin that Labor is using to avoid their responsibilities of failed policies & personal attacks on previous children & men, such as myself.

By Matthew Meurer

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Charity Starts At Home

One can only wonder if Kevin Rudd ever considers that famous broken promise of Bob Hawke's to have no Australian child living in poverty by 1990. It seems that the modern Labor Party is more intent with ensuring that no foreign child lives in poverty, while sending millions overseas in aid.

Illegal immigrants are welcomed with open arms and ferried to comfortable accommodation with all of the essentials of life supplied including the latest teleconferencing facilities, while many Australians are sleeping rough on the streets. New accommodation is built and furnished for refugees, as Aboriginal elders shake their head in frustration at the lack of progress on promised housing.

Pensioners have been largely forgotten and have to live on a meagre income which does not even keep time with inflation and many families are sleeping in cars as there are not enough homes to go around.

One Nation calls on The Labor Party and The Liberals to end this madness. Both of the main political parties in this country have been guilty of grandstanding on the world stage and have broken many promises at home. They have ignored their duty of care to the Australian people and have forgotten those famous words:"Charity begins at home"
Statement issued June 16th 2010 for One Nation (NSW Division) by Craig Hesketh Publicity Officer and candidate for Riverina
More information Craig Hesketh 0403065394
Authorised by Bob Vinnicombe Interim State President 0407949963 / 0296454910

Tuesday, May 18, 2010