Thursday, July 9, 2009

Religion & The Coward Who Hides Behind It

Religion & the Coward Who Hides Behind It
By Matthew Meurer

Each Religion has its trade mark, just as it has its spin doctors, the so called protectors of the cult, who have their media influences & political associations that support the cult at every turn.
The Muslims hide behind their religion by hiding their women in every way possible. The clothes they wear & the ideologies that go with them, maintain the slavery & the male domination to Keep them suppressed is evident in every aspect of the cult.

Buddhism is another cult that has its forms of suppression & again through the teachings, even though they are perceived to be a somewhat passive & spiritual experience, still bears all the underlying history of sword wielding glory & the notion of being the perfect species.
The list goes on & I could list every religion through the various brands of selfish, spiteful & unrepentant nasty trait that each one carries on their treacherous lying & deceitful back; but I’m going to pick on the one that’s been the nastiest & most spiteful coward backed, child molesting religion, that relentlessly runs away from its criminal conduct, by using women & children as lambs to the slaughter & for the most nastiest exorcism ever performed on me in the face of this world.
Firstly I have to go back to a small suburb called Berkeley, in New South Wales of Australia, where I was raised under a stricken Catholic ruling but with an Atheist nature. I was always dubbed the black sheep of the family because I was not confirmative to their religious values & often enough; found myself on the receiving end of the back hand.
Regardless of the upbringing, on the whole I had learnt a great deal of moral standings & I especially had to learn the difference between religious lies & Atheist truth. When one was disgruntled & used to have an opinion based on their religious teaching, the political aspect of their little minds would kick in & argue the resolve to the point of violent attacks. If I didn’t defend myself in the longer term, I would be forced into seclusion & overridden on anything that related to the exposure of the coward that called itself ‘a thoughtful Christian’.
That’s right, I’m discussing Christianity & the coward that runs away by the means of suppression & has the audacity to direct the accusation onto someone else when the finger is pointed at them. As we saw with the accusations against Michael Jackson after I mentioned him in my writings that the Media used to exploit me & the Catholic Church who, along with the use of the media, diverted the focus on him. At the time I was having the Catholic Church perform its exorcism on me & with the full support of the Australian Government, Police & my very own ex-family, who at one stage came to my ex-mothers place & threateningly stood over me. After I called the Police to this case of domestic violence, they rang the Police back & cancelled my call during the Pauline Hanson Court Case, which was being conducted in the papers & by the Politicians in the back ground, only to have my life destroyed for the sake of the cowards to run away & hide. To have Catholics stand over me armed with hockey sticks & sawn off broom sticks, entering my flat & stealing documentation of relevant evidence which related to the government’s involvement, whilst being denied the right to be on the Department of Housing Commissions list so I can be held in these dwellings with the full control of the corrupt Police mafia, under constant audio/video surveillance. Treated with sleep deprivation through slamming doors, vilification, violent threats, intimidation & constant harassment before having my door kicked in at 6:30am on New Year’s Eve of 2007 & Officer McGrath accusing me of being the instigator before he had even asked any questions or inspected the evidence, I refused to lie down & die.
The constant excuse is Family, Children & Women’s Rights that are played up as being discrimination against them, or threatened in some form or another. The truth is that they are the threat & are supported by the Governments very own Pedophile cult within the family law system; Catholic backed of course. The real woman, who is desperate to be the center of attention but lacks the mental ability to have any leadership, continues to be the co-dependent that uses its own children to be affected & interfered with, for the sake of psychological attacks from the so called protectors, which she uses to attack on behalf of a mentally disturbed revenge complex.
The wonderful thing about being an Atheist & a humanist is the fact that I could have committed suicide at any time, fulfilling my promise to her, that if I die she dies. I can assure you all, I have been very tempted at times whilst under the most severe oppression/suppression. Thanks to my Atheist nature, I am able to defend myself in the long term, unlike Father Maury Crocker of Berkeley Catholic Church, who was also cornered, isolated & stalked until he committed suicide for exposing Pedophiles, such as Father VanKlouster & other priests which I can’t state for legal reasons & exposing the corruption that is stopping me from voting, going to school, accessing the law or being a part of the main stream society which is protecting this pedophile cult & ignoring me to the point that I don’t exist. That goes for the Atheist Foundation of Australia & the Humanist society, to which I am a member of but excluded from & my emails ignored as well.
One last thing: I would like to see Kevin Rudd deny the letter of apology for what he & Labor did to me over the Pauline Hanson case, which he sent to me Around October of 2004.

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  1. the only coward here is u. hiding behind a justice system u say that u hate