Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This Political Prisoner Wants Justice or Euthanasia

Written by Matthew Meurer 13/10/10

The reason that the religious sector, including the Government does not want the laws for Euthanasia passed is mainly a matter of having control of people’s lives.
As an outspoken critique against the illegal Iraq war and opposing the Afghan war for the reasons of not doing business with a corrupt Afghan government and knowing that the attempts to suppress the culture of its people would be a non event was the real thorn in a corrupt Australian and American government’s side.

This is highlighted by the fact that the State Labor government went into molest and discredit mode, attacking and vilifying me and many other people in order to make the situation of my exclusion from society possible. After the then leader of the opposition, Mark Latham, stole my identity and statements I had made about George Bush were repeated by Latham and a disclaimer was played on the world stage about my existence and to help their cause of removing my identity, I was forced into living conditions under Catholic/religious landlords and whilst constantly being stalked, sleep deprivation and under constant video and audio surveillance, the spare key kept in their possession so they could enter my flat and take any correspondence that I wrote, especially to the Geneva Convention or evidence relating to the Australian governments measures of corruption in the whole matter that I was framed with. The religious sector feared the fact that I am an Atheist and were aggressive in the fact that they were desperate to suppress me on that reason alone but for the governments reason, it was to cover up for the decision to go to war in Iraq.

I Matthew Meurer, hereby declare this statement to be the truth and that I am of sound mind, sick to death of being kept a political prisoner in a two bedroom flat, isolated from society, refused the right to social inclusion and want my legal issues put before a court in the Hague or to be given the right to Euthanasia.


Matthew Meurer

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  1. Living in the oppressive man made (psychopath minded) world of mammon is enough to cause such desperate attempts for solution/remedy. If we do not have justice for all, then we live under tyrranny and this is against all sense and decency. However we came about, we are equal and have an equal right to be in this world so to impose penalty on some for doing no harm whilst others walk free and live in luxury "because" of the harm they cause, this is not acceptable in any sense in a civilised world. The more enlightened cannot live in this world, a world that is beautiful in the absence of the cruel heart of the sociopathic rulers.