Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mental Health A National Interest

Mental Health A National Interest
Written by Matt Meurer 22/08/2010
The Labor government have recently announced their support for the mental health services to be financially strengthened but those of us who have been the brunt of those services being used as an excuse for the government to cover up its criminal activities, know it isn’t all wrapped up to be for the benefit of the good of the nation. The Labor government have recently distributed a pamphlet threatening Centrelink customers with their pensions and benefits over medical certificates and their capacity to work. It seems the customer’s original medical certification is not an issue and that some government minister is medically qualified to make a decision about one’s circumstances from a distant office of the commonwealth, or that is time to force the person they have had in a state of suppression, are forced to go on about their life so those responsible for the customers destructed and destroyed life can be forgotten about in the governments favour.
It is time that the government are brought to the reality of the public’s needs and the real issue of mental health is addressed through the medical diagnosis of the religious and feminist mental illness of the political institution that is governing this country and threatening the national interest with ongoing disunity and blatant discrimination against those with logical beliefs or non religious beliefs.
1) Mental health should not be used to keep recipients in an oppressed state over matters of family law, child deaths in custody due to government criminal incompetency or negligence by Family Law, Department of Community Services or any other family services agency.
2) Mental health must not be used against the public but used to benefit the public it is designed to help, rather than the governments specific political interests of oppression, suppression or torture, as it has been used against myself and others in the past and present years, in order to blatantly refuse judicial retribution of the law and against one’s human dignity and right’s as an individual.
3) Past matters of the government’s criminal discriminatory conduct must be legally addressed in The Hague and those responsible for their participation must be brought to justice. The religious, feminist, political mentality that refuses to acknowledge Gay marriage, Men’s rights for and with their children in issues of divorce, Child deaths in the custody of foster care after being removed from the parents for the benefit governments interference of the legal system, The stolen generations of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders and of immigrants are very real issues of immediate mental health issues with a strong alliance with government based mental illness and on the basis of false belief, without factual concrete evidence.

Since the Australian Election, only one Independent political member has addressed the notion of “Ethical” commonsense governance for the best interests of the country. Instead we have heard the ongoing rhetoric of the major parties speaking for themselves and the future of their political careers.

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